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By N.G. Adams, L.M. Babcock

Gas-phase ion chemistry is a extensive box which has many purposes and which encompasses numerous branches of chemistry and physics. An program that attracts jointly lots of those branches is the synthesis of molecules in interstellar clouds. This was once a part of the incentive for reviews at the neutralization of ions via electrons and on isomerization in ion-neutral institutions. the result of investigations of specific points of ion dynamics are awarded during this quantity. Solvation in ion-molecule reactions is mentioned and prolonged to incorporate multiply charged ions by way of the appliance of electrospray options. This quantity additionally offers a wealth of knowledge on response thermodynamics that's serious in deciding upon response spontaneity and availability of response channels. extra centred experiences also are offered in the direction of the top of this quantity, on the subject of the ionization method and its nature.

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110,126 The differences between chemical abundances among these objects can be ascribed to two causes: differences in dust chemistry, which, unlike ion-mole- Ion-Molecule Chemistry in Space 39 cule chemistry, is exponentially dependent on temperature, and differences in the amount of time that has passed since the dust mantles were released, since the gas-phase chemistry will eventually return the chemical abundances to steady-state values. Two well-studied objects in the Orion Nebula, known as the Hot Core and the Compact Ridge sources, show widely varying chemistries though lying in close proximity to one another.

Two types of desorption mechanisms have been considered: intermittent and continuous ones. 23 The intermittent mechanisms refer to astronomical processes which result in a dramatic rise in temperature so that the grain mantles do indeed evaporate or are lost by sputtering. The most common astronomical processes referred to arise from star formation, which can heat up surrounding areas gradually or through shock waves. Although such processes do indeed result in the removal of grain mantles, there is a need for a continuous mechanism as well in many sources, which can occur under the ambient low temperature conditions.

The mechanism for the formation of complex hydrocarbons through fullerenes is loosely taken from Helden et al. , 12~ and is depicted in Figure 2. As in the work of Thaddeus, 117 linear carbon clusters grow via carbon insertion and radiative association reactions, although in this case a large number of additional reactions involving neutral atoms such ~ C, O, and H and neutral molecules such as H 2 are also included. Reactions with H and H 2 serve to produce LINEAR CHAINS w 1 I ~ f_ ~,- SPONTANEOUSISOMERIZATION | MONOCYCLIC RINGS condensation He+c~176 GROWTH BY " v t I ~ t ' I ---"---- ~ TRICYC_,LIC RINGS FULLERENES C+/C ADDITION ETC.

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