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I have learn with regards to each credible booklet on al-Qaeda and that i in truth need to say this book's no longer well worth the funds I paid for it. the knowledge it includes are available on the net. an outstanding replacement is Ben Venzke and Aimee Ibrahim's THE al-QAEDA chance: An Analytical consultant to al-Qaeda's strategies

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Biographical note
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Phase two is known as ‘Opening Eyes’, which began in the autumn of 2003 and lasted until 2006. The underlying aim is for the terrorists to make the ‘Western conspiracy’ aware of the ‘Islamic community’ and where al-Qaeda transforms from an organization to a movement. Iraq constitutes the epicentre for the jihad and for global operations while it continues to mould secret battalions ready for battle and bases across the Arab world. Phase three, ‘Arising and Standing Up’, should last from 2007 to 2010, with a focus on attacks against Turkey and the arch- The virtual sanctuary of al-Qaeda • • • • 35 enemy Israel and neighbouring Jordan.

Indeed, there are some realists, or realist-inspired theorists, who generally defend a narrow, military definition of security, but who argue that if any widening of the concept should be made, it should be in order to include the economic dimension (Buzan 1991; Walt 1994). Some realists would likely consider information warfare as relevant, if defined as a new technological component in otherwise traditional interstate conflict (Lonsdale 1999). 12 Electronic warfare, such as the electronic jamming of radio communication, has been an element of interstate conflict for a much shorter time (since the Second World War), but is also a precursor of the much more recent talk of warfare in the digital age.

What constructivism contributes is a pragmatic meta-theoretical stance on material as IR theory and digital-age security 19 well as social reality, an emphasis on conditional generalizations, and a few guidelines as to what substantive IR theories should include and look at, especially the dynamic interplay between social factors such as norms, identities, interests and institutions. Constructivist security studies have contributed both with elaborations on the security concept and with more substantive analyses of security policy, as well as illuminating the relationship between security policy and national identity (Wæver et al.

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