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Download Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages by Paul Lacombe, Charles Boutell PDF

By Paul Lacombe, Charles Boutell

A variety of illustrations, many from resources now misplaced, again up a close dialogue of world-wide advancements in armor from the earliest instances, and guns from the Stone Age to early firearms and cannon.

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Other shields, also round, have a very remarkable aspect: they have reticulated outer surfaces, the net-work sometimes having the appearance of a species of masonry; and, possibly, they may have actually been composed of small brick-like pieces of wood (briques en bois), which were bound together by an iron frame. 7 One of the reticulated shields is shown in Fig. 3. The Nineveh sculptures exhibit no examples of the cuirass or greaves, defences for the breast and lower limbs, such as were possessed by the Greeks.

The axe, for example, known to antiquaries as the "axe of the dolmen," modelled in the form of a large flattened egg, and polished with the utmost care and nicety, exhibits in its curves a truly artistic contour. So, again, certain stone arrow-heads that are barbed and wrought with minute splinters, convey the idea of firmness and steadiness of hand, combined with a truly extraordinary delicacy of touch. 4 In conclusion, it must be added, as one of the character. istics which distinguish the first epoch of the "Stone Period" from the second, that in the latter, intermixed with all the varieties of flint weapons, there are found arrows of bone, and clubs made of wood only, or more frequently of stags' horns, as in Fig.

ASSYRIAN SWORDS, CLUB, LANCE, AND HELM. pointed at the extremity. The hilt, which is shown in the sculptures with minute carefulness, has a peculiar form, which is clearly explained by the examples in Fig. 4. The pommel is elegant in form, well developed, and suitably enriched. There is no guard for the hand, nor is the hilt separated from the blade by any cross-piece. The scabbard terminates in a rich bouterolle, which is always decorated in the same style: figures of lions, or other animals, are introduced, having their bodies stretched out in the direction of the sword-blade, while they project to the right and left, and impart a bold and effective finish to a highly artistic composition.

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