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By Anne/ Mew, Y. H. Seaton

This two-book sequence was once written particularly for English language rookies and covers the entire uncomplicated grammar subject matters for rookies. includes transparent and concise factors of the foundations and illustrates them with quite a few examples. The «Did You Know?» and «Grammar aid» notes upload extra to the knowledge of easy grammar. those books will supply English language beginners a transparent knowing of middle grammar talents and aid lay a robust starting place for reliable English. every one publication comprises 150-pages plus of grammar examples and guideline.

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The sea is blue. George is wearing brown shoes. I don’t like green apples. Carrots are orange. Flamingos are pink. Eggplants are purple. Roses are red. 60 Your hands are black! Some adjectives tell you the size of the nouns they describe. a big hat broad shoulders a high mountain a large ship a long bridge a low ceiling a narrow path small animals tiny insects a wide street a huge balloon a fat sumo wrestler a thin boy a short man you kn o w D id ? The word tall describes people and narrow, upright objects.

Come in, children, and find yourselves a seat. am m ar H elp Gr Baby birds are too young to look after themselves. Here is a table to remind you about reflexive pronouns. First person Second person Third person Singular Plural (I,me) myself (you) yourself (he, him) himself (she, her) herself (it) itself (we,us) ourselves (you) yourselves (they, them) themselves (they, them) themselves (they, them) themselves 47 Interrogative Pronouns The words who, whom, whose, what and which are called interrogative pronouns.

Hello, is that you, George? These are sheep. m ar H m a elp Gr This is my house. This is a hill. These are donkeys. What is this? Did you drop this? Hi, Jane! This is Michael! You use this and these when you point to things near you. You use that and those when you point to things farther away. Demonstrative pronouns can be singular or plural: Singular this that 49 Plural these those Exercise 1 Draw a line to join each of the subject pronouns to the object pronoun that matches. I he it she they you we us her you them me him it Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.

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