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By G. Larry Bretthorst

This e-book is basically a examine rfile at the program of likelihood conception to the parameter estimation challenge. the folks who should be drawn to this fabric are physicists, chemists, economists, and engineers who've to accommodate info every day; as a result, we've incorporated loads of introductory and instructional fabric. any individual with the identical of the math history required for the graduate-level research of physics might be in a position to stick to the cloth contained during this publication, even though no longer with out attempt. during this paintings we practice likelihood concept to the matter of estimating parameters in fairly normal types. particularly whilst the version contains a unmarried desk bound sinusoid we convey that the direct software of chance concept will yield frequency estimates an order of significance greater than a discrete Fourier remodel in signal-to-noise of 1. Latter, we generalize the matter and convey that likelihood idea can separate shut frequencies lengthy after the peaks in a discrete Fourier remodel have merged.

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Let us look at the problem backwards for a moment. g; ) { call this the Utopian state of knowledge U { but he does not know what data will be found. 19) becomes hd i = Nm A +  : 2 2 2 Now, what value of h would he expect the data to generate? 18) to be approximately N hd i mh  (N m) : 2 (3:21) 2 2 This agrees very nicely with our intuitive judgment that as the number of model functions increases, we should be able to t the data better and better. 21) suggests. 6 A Simple Diagnostic Test If  is known, these results give a simple diagnostic test for judging the adequacy of our model.

Chapter 6 is devoted primarily to this subject.

G parameters depends directly on the estimated variance. If the model does not t the data well, the estimates will become less precise in direct relation to the estimated variance. 6) to obtain an indication of the accuracy of the expected noise variance. 20 54 These are about what one would expect from simpler statistical estimation rules (the usual N rule of thumb). 4 The Signal-To-Noise Ratio These results may be used to empirically estimate the signal-to-noise ratio of the data. 7). When the data t the model so well that h   , the estimate reduces to  Pmj hj   mh  or PN N k ei We will compute the signal-to-noise ratio for several models in the following sections.

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