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By Brake

This is the compelling tale of the 2 greatest occasions within the evolution of principles: the revolutions of Galileo and Darwin. Mark Brake captures the journey and pleasure of those scientists during this is a well timed exam of the ways that religion and technological know-how conflict, and the way the conflict for 'truth' is a perennial one.

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Philolaus broke away from the geocentric tradition. At the hub of his “world” was “the hearth of the universe,”5 The Central Fire. And around this core revolved nine bodies: the Earth, Moon, and Sun, the five planets, and the sphere of the fixed stars. 1, Schema 1). The antichton was an invisible planet. 7 It was cast by the shadow of the counter-Earth. Aristotle begged to differ. He scornfully suggested that Philolaus had merely invented the antichton to create a cosmos of ten moving bodies, the magical number of the Pythagorean mystics.

In physics, the Pythagoreans often ran too far beyond their actual experience. They substituted number mysticism for knowledge based on experiment. The brotherhood founded the mathematical process of proof by deductive reasoning. It is a powerful tool in maths. But in science, deductive proof can be used to prove conspicuous claptrap from allegedly obvious principles. In the next two chapters we shall follow both pathways. Along one we encounter ancient philosophers, such as Democritus and Epicurus, and their Atomist creed.

We steal into the Casa Panigarola, a room on the first floor. Amid the masterpieces of the casa is a dark portrait of two men. One man weeps, as he wrings his hands over the world. The other man laughs. Both, it seems, are scholars, as the table before them is littered with books. Together they symbolize the wisdom of the ancients. Many centuries before the Mars misfortune, one of these men had seen a world ruled only by matter in motion, a cosmos that evolved in time. The other, inspired by early notions of evolution, had imagined nothing but atoms and void, and, more than two millennia before Schiaparelli’s imaginary canals, had taken life into deepest infinite space.

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