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Biographical note
Dick Boer, Dr. theol. [1939], theologian, retired professor on the collage of Amsterdam. He has released monographs on 'theology and ideology', the background of recent theology and Karl Barth.

All attracted to biblical theology, philosophy and Marxism.

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They became excellent vehicles for the war poems, where brevity and wit are essential. The theme of war dominates the majority of poems in Calligrammes. The war excited Apollinaire, promising a new universe. He experienced exhilaration as he saw shells exploding, comparing them in the poem “Merveilles de la guerre” (“Wonders of War”) to constellations, women’s hair, dancers, and women in childbirth. He saw himself as the poet-hero, the omnipresent seer, the animator of the universe. In “La Tête étoilée” (“The Starry Head”), his wound was a crown of stars on his head.

26 War Poets Apollinaire, Guillaume Achievements After Guillaume Apollinaire, French poetry was never the same again. Writing at the end of the long Symbolist tradition, a tradition very apparent in his early works, Apollinaire moved into a new perception of the world and of poetry. In the world of his mature verse, spatial and temporal relations are radically altered. Apollinaire’s was one of the first voices in French poetry to attempt to articulate the profound discontinuity and disorientation in modern society.

Kashuba Updated by David Harrison Horton 36 LOUIS ARAGON Born: Paris, France; October 3, 1897 Died: Paris, France; December 24, 1982 Principal poetry Feu de joie, 1920 Le Mouvement perpétuel, 1925 La Grande Gaîté, 1929 Persécuté persécuteur, 1931 Hourra l’Oural, 1934 Le Crève-coeur, 1941 Brocéliande, 1942 Les Yeux d’Elsa, 1942 En Français dans le texte, 1943 Le Musée grévin, 1943 La Diane française, 1945 Le Nouveau Crève-coeur, 1948 Les Yeux et la mémoire, 1954 Le Roman inachevé, 1956 Elsa, 1959 Les Poètes, 1960 Le Fou d’Elsa, 1963 Les Chambres, 1969 Aux abords de Rome, 1981 Les Adieux, et autres poèmes, 1982 Other literary forms Louis Aragon (ah-rah-GAWN) was one of the most prolific French authors of the twentieth century, and although lyric poetry was his first medium, to which he always returned as to a first love, he also produced many novels and volumes of essays.

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